The Friday Fun Would Make the Joker Wince

Kerrie was off and running with this before I even knew what was happening. It’s terrifying. But she didn’t get around to finishing her homework, so here’s last week’s #AltIdolNewsShow results.

Back to Kerrie

You know what I really love about Guso Drop’s Yurapiko? Every live, no matter what, she’s smiling. She’s got that big goofy grin that makes me smile too. No matter what, when she’s on stage, it’s there, impossible to wipe off. The smile is Yura.

For your average idol, a perma-grin like that is everything. “Smile more when you’re performing” is a criticism a lot of idols hear from their managers, so for any other idol group, Yura would look both adorable and professional.

But when she’s in Guso Drop? That smile is terrifying.

This Friday is a love letter to the perfection that is Yurapiko’s smile. I want you to take that grin and put it in situations that would make it turn from cute to creepy.

If you’re too lazy to go through photos and cut them out in Photoshop, no worries, I made some transparent Yura heads so you can just copy-paste that smile right on.


Tweet your edits under the the hashtag #YuraSmile and the best edits will be shown next week!

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