Adventures in Pour Lui’s Youtube Dungeon #6

Previously on Pour Lui’s YouTube dungeon…
Pour Lui continues to humiliate her family.

EPISODE 28: Looking For The おちんこ

Pour Lui goes searching for dick pics while Brother Lui ponders how much effort it would take to officially estrange himself from this family.

EPISODE 29: Another Flashback Episode

Uika: Didn’t we just do this?

Pour Lui: With Saki. No-one is going to tell when it’s Non-chan doing the pop quiz this time.

Tentenko: We’ve been wearing the exact same clothes ever since Saki showed up, of course, people are going to notice!

Megumi: I could be in England drinking a nice cold can of Vimto right now. Maybe even a bottle of Friji …

Saki: That Haruna Bacchiin girl who just joined is a cute patoot … Momoland who?

Episode 30: Puu-rikura

Pour Lui and Saki’s attempts at bigger boobs through the power of purikura only causes Saki to lose what little hair she has remaining, and in fact, a quarter of her entire head.


Oh yeah, she’s in Billie Idle now

Episode 33: Save The Cheerleader, Save The Wota

Pour Lui tries to spread the goodwill of Billie Idle by applying for the local idol cheerleader tryouts but inexplicably transformed into a rocket instead. Wait, does this mean the rest of Billie Idle are living inside of her now? Actually, let’s not discuss that, lest we go into subjects that should never be brought up outside of the dark corners of Deviantart.

Is Pour Lui a walking TARDIS?
How will Saki survive with half her skull missing?
Will Puu’s Pop Quiz be recycled once again?
Is Saki going to find a girlfriend from the WAgg audition?

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