A Friday Fun Celebrating the Perfect Idol Holiday…

Well. Last week’s Friday Fun went in a direction I reeeally didn’t want it to go down. Not your fault. Blame the extremely tragic news that came out right before it was published.

Sigh. I’m going back to my crying hole now, can someone else do the fun this week? Thanks.

(This is Supreme Nothing stepping forward and awkwardly tapping on the mic…)

Kerrie, Kerrie, it’s okay!!!! We really do understand. I feel like the last week has been a group therapy and support session as we come to terms with a major impending idol loss. Even last Friday’s Fun took a fittingly tragic turn…


I’m not even gonna try to do the Fun as well as Kerrie. Instead I just talked it over with the rest of Team Homicidols and we came up with a “Group Fun Collaboration” of sorts related to Halloween!

Daemon had a great thought last week to make an unofficial tournament/competition out of choosing the best Idol Halloween outfit of the season, but all of us, including Maniac, were too pressed with time to get it together. Then Papermaiden offered the idea that we suggest future idol costumes for next year. Kerrie imbued us with the spirit of past Friday Fun inspiration. I mostly just nodded my head and said “That sounds great!”. Ultimately we decided to just mash it up together…

SO our Halloween-themed Friday Fun for 2018 is #Idoween ! It’s a celebration of all the things we love about the holiday that’s absolutely perfect for idols. This one is open-ended and wide-open. Feel free to tweet about these items and more:

  • Share photos of your favorite idols costumes!
  • Who, free of your own bias, had the best costume this year? (I vote for Tentenko’s Lydia.) 
  • What kind of  candy would you give to a particular idol? (Gummy worms for Gumi? Dots for Dots?) 
  • What costume suggestion would you have for a particular idol next year?  (I think Beni should dress up as a beatnik!) 
  • Or just free-form post whatever you love most about idols and Halloween! 

That’s it! Now get to work and have some Friday Fun with us, and keep Kerrie in your thoughts as she gets through her oshi-loss! Don’t forget to use the #idoween tag! See you on the twitters!