Your Homicidols Weekender #103

Good morning! I’m running out the door, so forget the intro, go play the Fun and then have your mind boggled at how much random stuff happened in a week that had very little actual stuff happen. It’s wild!

Wait, What?

If somebody wants to pick me up a copy of this JoanJoan single, I’ll pay … the average price of a bottle of Mexican Coke at hipster eateries in Cleveland:

Kimi no Mawari had the kind of attendance at their debut live that most chika idols would kill to have at any point, ever:

I love the optimism, Party Rockets GT:

ayumikurikamaki, who are clearly never going to return to bear form, are embarking on a one-man tour and have the fun trailer to prove it:

Here’s some additional live Bury:

And live Halloween PIIIIIIIN

And the live scene from big sister unit QUEENS at their first one-man:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da is playing ZEPP Tokyo, and that’s great, but it’s better when Yotsu does video features:

Though they seem to have the year wrong, it’s great to see that Melon Batake a go go will be releasing a major label album:

A late addition from Up Up Girls:

Here’s … well, this damn thing from the Blue Forest family’s Halloween live:

Too-good-to-release-so-little KAISHIN no Ichigeki did an acoustic live the other day:

And HAMIDASYSTEM sort of up to the same:

When 969 gets a DJ set:

Literal minutes after my posting about them, garnet.garnet released this:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Aina the End, of BiSH fame, who continues to tease a future that doesn’t involve her group despite still, like, doing all of the things with the group. Her latest adventure? A commercial truck commercial:

That’s … kind of dumb, actually. I mean, it sounds cool, and good for her, but I was hoping for something more, like, punk. Great voice, though. So here’s more Aina singing, this time with Oomori Seiko:

And here’s her clip from the series of “stereo future” promos:


Dammit, Tenten:

If you were hoping to get soaked by Babymetal again:

I didn’t want to do multiple Marionet posts in one week without there being something major happening, so here, another fun song!

In one month! amiiinA will release their second album, which is fantastic because they’re fantastic:

And BILLIE IDLE will drop a new single in February:

It’s been a while since we had anything to look at from XTEEN:

In case it hadn’t been shared before, FRUIPOCHETTE will be performing in Korea; and in case you wanted to see how many of the acts you know …

If you look closely, you’ll notice that World’s Greatest Idol That Only Maniac Really Care About Ophelia 20mg has released another new single:

It’s not an In Focus because it’s really just one item, but Reina’s leaving Wagamama Rakia:

And they’re holding auditions to replace her … and form a second unit?

The very strong feelings of Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen ahead of their biggest show ever:

Here’s 403ERROR with a very aptly named song:

More Ladybaby photos:

Thanks Ruru:

Have a howlin’ good weekend!