The Darkest Possible Timeline: Sari and Hina Leaving Necroma


I’m not going to bother speculating on this — for one, I’m going to get to talk to them in a couple of weeks, gods be good; for another, to dwell on the ineffable is to invite madness — but I do want to say that it’s really well and truly been a pleasure. I’m obviously a huge Sari mark personally and frankly under ordinary circumstances wouldn’t know how the hell the group would be able to go on without its most iconic member, and you can’t throw penlight online without it glancing off of at least one Hina wota (Terry must be crushed). If anybody can make it work, it’s the person who’s proven over four years to be capable of getting positive results from almost anything he tries.

Let’s choose to look at it as an opportunity. Sari’s a Necroma lifer and Hina’s been around for so long to practically be one as well, and that stings. They’ve both been part of the emergence and growth of this project of the undead during its greatest era, so maybe their departures will usher in a blacker, fouler, more soul-shattering reign of chika terror than we can even fathom.

3 thoughts on “The Darkest Possible Timeline: Sari and Hina Leaving Necroma

  1. My feels right now, Ouch.
    Man thinking back on things the “from chaos borne” single was (and still is) astounding, VOIDHYMN was just as astounding, and both are followed by graduations. Necroma has a great track record of coming back stronger than before so it’s all good I guess.

    Going to the East Coast shows in two weeks, thinking I may get sad towards the end of the Philly show.

  2. I was pretty sure that Hina was going to graduate sooner rather than later as she missed some international lives due to Uni commitments. We all know the idol business doesn’t pay well and it is a physical grind. So if she is studying something that will give her a bright future I think she made the right decision.

    To tell the truth when Sari dyed her hair a more natural color I had a though that we were going to get a graduation announcement pretty soon. As the weeks went by it seemed that she just got tired of the green but low and behold here we are. It always hurts to lose an original member that was around for so long and was the face of the group.

    Hopefully for the other members the new members come in and are able to gel quickly.

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