A Friday Fun Celebrating the Perfect Idol Holiday…

Well. Last week’s Friday Fun went in a direction I reeeally didn’t want it to go down. Not your fault. Blame the extremely tragic news that came out right before it was published.

Sigh. I’m going back to my crying hole now, can someone else do the fun this week? Thanks.

(This is Supreme Nothing stepping forward and awkwardly tapping on the mic…)

Kerrie, Kerrie, it’s okay!!!! We really do understand. I feel like the last week has been a group therapy and support session as we come to terms with a major impending idol loss. Even last Friday’s Fun took a fittingly tragic turn…


I’m not even gonna try to do the Fun as well as Kerrie. Instead I just talked it over with the rest of Team Homicidols and we came up with a “Group Fun Collaboration” of sorts related to Halloween! Continue reading