50 YMM MVs Day 52: Candy

Welcome to part 52 of our increasingly inaccurately named “50 YMM MVs” series, but unless they drop a fifty-third one in the next twenty-four hours – a not completely remote possibility – then we have at last reached the finale.

I don’t know whether we won anybody over to the You’ll Melt More! fandom or whether anyone managed to stick with our coverage until the end but we had fun revisiting all their music videos anyway.  We finish with their latest one, from about three weeks ago – Mou Innai Ringo Ame (No More Thanks Candied Apple):

The lyrics to this song were written by the members themselves, apparently pieced together from individual Twitcasts.  And either something is lost in translation or said lyrics are complete nonsense:

A candied house is yummy yeah!  A witch appeared and said together yeah!babbles Kechon, kicking things off.

An old guy taking out a big white dog likes bagel continues Nani, and so it goes on in this surreal manner.  It all has a bit of a playground song vibe which is quite pleasant and I hope they end up doing something with it.

This, and the two videos preceding it, stand apart from the rest of their songs as doodles or demos, released to cheer up both us and them during this strange time.  I wonder if this is an insight into how embryonic You’ll Melt More! songs sound before they all get in the studio and do them “properly”.  It’s unknown at this point whether these songs will one day turn into something else or get released as they are but if I allow myself the delusion that management might read this and care what I think, I reckon these songs would go nice on a 10-inch vinyl record, possibly together with that odd New Year song, that they could sell on their online shop.

What does the future hold for You’ll Melt More!?  Well, we’ve been given a glimpse of who might be involved a couple of weeks ago with the first video for their trainee unit Pupil More!

I have a six year old son who absolutely loves this video, although that is only because he thinks they keep saying the word “poo”.  And if you listen to it imagining that is the case, it improves the song tenfold so maybe he’s on to something!  Or maybe I just have the mind of a six year old.

Anyway, thanks to all who followed this series and sorry to everyone who got sick of it although those people won’t be reading this so poo to those guys actually.  See you again for 500 YMM MVs, probably before the end of the decade.