50 YMM MVs Day 49: Newbies

Sadly after over three years with a stable line-up, Ano suddenly withdrew unexpectedly from You’ll Melt More! in late September 2019.  We were left to wonder what the future held for the group after the loss of such a popular member.  Then on New Year’s Eve, we got…this thing:

The hell was that?!  Anyway we’ve decided not to count it in our list, not because it’s, er, special, but because the group’s Youtube account filed it under their commercials/announcements playlist and not their MV one.  Instead YMM MV #49 is Surpriser, from February of this year.

With a video produced to promote the album of the same name, this magnificent tune was written by Tamaya 2060% who is behind many of idol’s anthems, including loads of Dempagumi inc.‘s songs, a few for Babyraids and Kamiyado‘s best one.  Oh and who also provided this bonkers remix of YMM’s Hamidasumo!  It’s brilliant: lot’s of rousing shouts of the groups name, that Y-L-M-L-モ! bit that always makes me stop what I’m doing and stand there in my kitchen spelling out their name with my body, and basically more hooks than Captain Hook and John Lee Hooker holding an angling contest on the Hook of Holland.  It’s good.

Clearly the most interesting thing here though is the introduction of the first new members since 2013.  Twenty Thirteen!   Welcome Nani (Green) and Nerun (Pink), although their member colours are only used in this video on their microphones.  These girls are the first graduates from Pupil More!, a group formed last year purely to train up future YMM! members and whose existence hopefully signifies the continued existence of YMM! for many years to come.

Nani’n’Nerun were of course also responsible for the greatest song of 2020 so far and we can’t let a chance to show that again slip by.

With this infusion of new blood, things were looking exciting for You’ll Melt More!  But then, for everybody, things got weird