(Hamida)System Reset! Meet RILISREVERSE

Hamidasystem crash, Hamidasystem reboot, Hamidasystem restart! Now that we have the pun quota sorted, Shiika and Mikoto are back with a few new friends!

Just as the first generation Hamidasystem disbanded to form Crossnoesis, the second generation have dissolved and reformed into Rilisreverse. The group released a teaser video before their debut with the instrumentals from one of their songs (which will hopefully be seeing a proper release soon) and boy is it amazing at building hype.

They debuted at their first live “RESET&RELOAD” with a mixture of second generation Hamidasystem songs (solid/down, Kizu no Oto and Sonzai Shinai Zonzai na Ai) and new songs (Reset Load, Juvenile and Natsuiro). The new songs are also produced by Sayshine, who’s behind Hamidasystem, Crossnoesis and Popoloconnect. If you’ve listened to any of his works before you’ll know exactly what to expect but if not, it’s very melancholic post-rock fused with electronica. What’s not to love?

For those that missed out on watching the livestream, they’ll be appearing at an online Discovery iDol Depot event which yes, will accept foreign debit cards. 11am JST on the 17th and you’ll get to watch other groups like Nemuriorca and buGG for around $25USD. Be there. Or else.

Of course, the foundations of a strong group have already been laid but just who are Rilisreverse? The name comes from “Release” and “Reverse” (obviously) but the spelling of “Rilis” in katakana is identical to how you’d spell “Lilith”.
The members themselves are just as enigmatic and mysterious as the group name too, so please enjoy the following profiles with information taken from their blogs and a little extra about them.

#1: Shiika

Birthday: January 12th
Star Sign: Capricorn
From: Gunma Prefecture
Blood Type: B
Height: 164cm (5′4)
The group’s vocal powerhouse is the artist formerly known as “She” from Hamidasystem. Behind the stoic, icy illusion is an energetic and excitable young lady who truly loves to sing and entertain. Behind every cutie stoic picture taken is a ball of energy that can’t stop once things get started. All of her social media profiles are @Shiika_RLSR, but if you have the time check out her TikTok specifically to see that high energy silliness in motion.

#2 Mikoto

Birthday: July 30th
Star Sign: Leo
From: Tochigi Prefecture
Blood Type: A
Height: 166.8cm (5′5)
The second member of the second iteration of Hamidasystem where she was known as “Me” and in another life, Migma Shelter’s “Popo Jr”. With her babyface and black twintail hair, Mikoto is on a journey of self acceptance where she says she’s learning to love herself more and more each day with the help of her fans and own increased self confidence.

#3 Moegi

Birthday: October 1st
Star Sign: Libra
From: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: Unknown

LAST IN MY CULT fans might recognise the artist formerly known as Sasaki Ayu. After ejecting from her previous group, she’s traded angry punk songs for melancholic electronica. Moegi is known for liking a drink now and then and having a penchant for beautiful women, so if you follow her and start seeing a lot of yuri/femslash art on your newsfeed it’s because she likes a lot of it. Despite being from Kansai, she’s not a fan of the dialect there and prefers to speak in standard Japanese. Her voice is very airy and feminine and she’s also an amazing dancer to boot.

#4 Asagi

Birthday: August 10th
Star Sign: Leo
From: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Height: 155cm (5′1)

Asagi is the only member who has no previous idol experience and as you can see, might seem closed off at first. In several of her blogs, she admits to being bad at expressing emotion but that’s why she likes being a member of Rilisreverse – their songs bring difficult emotions to the forefront of things and make you face them. When the group name etymology was revealed to her, she understood that she’d try to “release” her trapped emotions (which isn’t a Homicidols pun, she actually said that). Being a member of the group is her purpose, so why not support her become the person she wants to be? She also likes ramen and her favourite movie is Ushijima the Loan Shark.

So that’s Rilisreverse! Like what you hear? Wanna hear more? Go follow them so you can be first to see when they release their songs! And of course, you can see them live on the 18th if you just can’t wait for the unknown future.