50 YMM MVs Day 51: Relax

Yes, it was inevitable that if we did a feature on all the music videos of a group well known for being prolific producers of music videos, then there was a high chance of more music videos being released in the middle of our coverage.  So now we enter extra time in our You’ll Melt More! chronicles with the MV for Yuru-bics!

The title is meant to be Yurumerumo!’s take on aerobics and the MV is dedicated to “everyone who is out of shape staying home against Covid-19“.  You might therefore think that you’re getting an invigorating workout video.  However the lyrics suggest instead that you relax, sleep, “eat yummy side dishes” and “stop doing things to do today”.  The video, which is directed and choreographed by the group themselves (out of necessity since they’re all stuck at home), reflects these suggestions and depict the ladies sitting around in their pyjamas, playing video games and filling their faces with food, with the only nod to exercise being some not particularly energetic arm movements.

Basically this is my kind of fitness regimen, in or out of a pandemic.