50 YMM MVs Day 50: Quarantune

Here’s a little back-story on the 50 YMM! MVs project:  We actually started coordinating this quite a few months ago ! We had begun writing the earlier MV articles well-before MV #50 had dropped . So at one point, we were watching YMM!’s social media daily waiting for the 50th MV to finally show up so we could begin publishing. We waited…. and waited….

You know what held us up? Yep, Covid-19.

The virus has indeed changed everything in our routine. Some things are rather mundane and inconvenient, and some have been very heavy on our personal lives. The idol industry isn’t on a par with caregivers, but it most certainly touches our spirits and often means a lot to us, so to see it affected by all this was surreal and often disconcerting. In the case of YOU’LL MELT MORE!, Younapi‘s graduation plans were altered and the possibility of concerts were dashed. And with our quarantine needs interrupting the ability to shoot a bonfire MV, YMM!, and many other idols came up with a new way of reaching out to socially distanced fans: A Quarantune, if you will...

“Thank You For Fighting” is not a traditional MV, and not the usual type of song you’d expect from our girls, but it’s wonderfully thoughtful and kind-hearted. Across the group’s fanbase, the moving images of supportive clapping hands were compiled as the members of the group sang a humble tribute to the most important people in the world right now, the caregivers fighting to keep those we love alive and safe.

The song isn’t slick or flashy, and if it were, it would risk feeling empty and self-serving. What we have here is a side of the group we haven’t seen before, but it’s reassuring and brings just a little sense to our lives. And as the MV makes makes very clear, it’s intended to be a thank you to all caregivers around the world, not just Japan. It feels real and we can all really use a little sincere goodwill.

In addition to the above video, which debuted on May 22, there was also this nifty shot-from-home video (A song Written by Hiro of POLYSICS once again!!!) that was released on May 8th. The song appears on the excellent “Surpriser” album, but for whatever reason, this video was not designated as an official “MV” on YMM’s Youtube channels…

So which one is technically the 50th MV? I’m going with the “Why not both” response!

All of this Covid anxiety is an especially difficult challenge for YOU’LL MELT MORE! at this moment. Here they are, trying to adapt to a new line-up and acclimate their two new members, and this major real-world event isn’t helping. We’re not out of this yet, but the group has continued working hard.

And guess what? Since they won’t quit, neither are we! That’s right, we’re not just stopping this project at 50 MVs. They’ve created videos since, and we’re going to keep going and cover those as well! It’s onward and upward, friends…

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  1. Don’t care for the latest YMM! video? Don’t worry, they’ll make another in a day or two. Going through these 50+ MVs was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to melting more! with many more.

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