50 YMM MVs Day 13: Cut-Up

13th Day of UM 50 Plan This time we will see your joint song “Hameedasomo!” A few days ago, the song sounded like a song, but it was very active, so it was a combination of the Stereo Francophone melodies. Are we in heaven or hell? Perhaps the answer is both.

Developed by Tamiya in 2060, “A Hell of a Remix and Remix!” An electronic nerd who doesn’t look like a source material, but every minute makes an amazing speaker. On the other hand, the manipulation of the original referee is frightening and inspiring. Can you really dance? If you keep quiet, an explosion will occur. The acoustic energy can be handled correctly, but the weapon means inadequate manual destruction.

The MV itself is the work of radiographer Kazuki Nogami, and I’m very interested in it. Group members are converted to the default viewing image. Chibo is playing the zither, Moni and Unapi are static statues, Chiffon is a provocative highwayman, Kechan is a strange thing, yes. Anu is a statue of a stick with a big and tangled head. After being judged by a needle that shows such a burning and moving image, they are rigid, and they have an endless cycle of dreams that can only be felt when changed. Repeat, then multiply and repeat. Or maybe to live later. Basically, what’s going on here, who loves my mother? Eventually, they escaped to llǝɥ / uǝʌɐǝɥ and returned to the streets of Tokyo, but in a strange way. What a trip.

However, over the course of this comment, I have had to re-watch this dozens of times and it has had an impact on me unlike caffeine injected into my bloodstream through a drunken mosquito that was falling from the LSD all night and was quite powerful. I am a living metallic energy floating outside of my body right now and it drives me away.

I am glad that many idols will encourage and appreciate their music. I would love to see artists who turn their creative abilities into RAY, SAKA-SAMA, yesdai dai dai, and many other perfect bands for this kind of rehearsal. And that’s for MV. This soil is abundant, brings good vegetation, is unique and pleasant to look at. Let optimism be a DIFFERENCE. It will do it for us again, maybe even for the value of the album. It will be “Out of the Farm”.

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