50 YMM MVs Day 43: Sunset

Christmas 2018, and what did You’ll Melt More! gift to us?  Another MV of course – this one for Inochi Atte no Monoda ne (While There’s Life, There’s Hope), another track from the NEVER GIVE UP DRUNK MONKEYS EP.

A charming cello-drenched slice of loveliness that has inspired our ladies to put stickers all over their faces late one afternoon and head out to a hillside to cavort about and get as much footage as they can before the sun goes down – and the sinking sun really lights these scenes beautifully.  Simple, yet delightful, like all the best Christmas gifts.

2 thoughts on “50 YMM MVs Day 43: Sunset

  1. I think they’ve even posted a few more videos while this series has been going on… you could keep it going indefinitely!

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