50 YMM MVs Day 42: Virtual

Going anywhere nice for your holidays this year?  Probably not unless there’s a scientific breakthrough announced tomorrow and it turns out that jelly baby sandwiches and Spice Girls songs are the cure for coronavirus.  Why not do what You’ll Melt More! did in the video for Natsu on Blue and visit a virtual reality resort?

See the girls enjoy the usual vacation pleasures of lying on the beach, sailing, playing ping-pong, waterski-ing on giant fruit and standing atop sharks hovering fifteen feet in the air.  See them do all this while actually standing in a sports hall, giggling and bumping into each other.  Who needs stressful, expensive, real holidays anyway?

Screenshot from You'll Melt More!'s "Natsu on Blue" MV

Essentially this video is an advert for STYLY, a VR creative platform.  The group’s fans were tasked with using the tool to create these virtual vacation vignettes, which were then mashed together to create this video.  With no new music to promote at the time, live favourite “Natsu on Blue” was selected as the soundtrack, with its lyrics about planning summer outings.  The song was originally released on 2014’s Unforgettable Final Odyssey album but this is the re-recording for the MUSIC GO ROUND best-of album they had released six months prior to this video.

STYLY is actually pretty fun to play with and easy to grasp.  I had a go with it and managed to knock out this Homicidols party room in under an hour, before my elderly PC locked up under the memory requirements.

The Homicidols VR Party Room

Sofa, fridge, dromedary, great music and tasteful decor.  What more do you need?