Your Homicidols Weekender #189

DAEMON here. Maniac asked if I could wrap up the preamble on this, the July 4th edition of the Weekender, since he is literally out hiking in the Shenandoah’s this weekend. I’m sure even you non-Americans have heard of the Shenandoah River as referenced in our national anthem, “Country Roads”, written by the brave Captain John Denver as he holed up in the Alamo with George Jefferson during the War of 1812. So, Happy (U.S.) Independence Day. There may be fireworks later, weather permitting. In the meantime, let’s give our attention to some things that have been happening in Japan:

Chemical Reaction was nice enough to drop this.

Malcolm Mask McLaren are doing a bunch of livestreams these days, but if you’re honestly that busy, here’s what you’ve been missing.

I’m probably never going to not miss Julie idoling her heart out:

Got some live AIBECK for you, as tradition dictates:

This WAGAMAMA RAKIA PV will make you want to cry in the good way. 

The two-man probably nobody ever expected — X-TEEN vs. I.D.And Fly LooM:

I will henceforward be referring to NECRONOMIDOL as Newcroma and in that vein now encourage you to watch Newcroma’s new one done live:

Toricago doing thing:

How does she say it so elegantly?

Speaking of elegance, how about that Maison Book Girl.

Oshiloss Corner

Wakisaka Yurika, former member of the original BiS, has reappeared under a management company that won’t make her run marathons.

Although MOAMETAL got all the attention yesterday, Montero (former Screaming 60s) also had a birthday.

Missed this gem:

Not idol, but this 360°  Yakushimaru Etsuko MV will blow. your. mind.

Have a great weekend!