50 YMM MVs Day 23: Pyjamas

There was an eight month gap between releases following You’ll Melt More!’s July 2016 mini-album WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL.  Perhaps to keep them fresh in the minds of their fans, or perhaps because they just love making music videos so much, late November of that year saw yet another track from the aforementioned mini-album get the MV treatment: Night Hiking.

A simple video: the ladies walk down to the beach in their pyjamas at night, carrying musical instruments and then jam in their jammies under the stars.  And if you watched the live video Brian showed you way back on Day 1 of this saga, you’ll know that they could actually play those instruments.  Two of them quite competently!

I don’t know about anybody else but I’ve always got a Christmassy vibe from this video.  OK, that’s certainly no way to dress outdoors at night in winter and it’s probably just because it came out in November and I consequently watched it a lot over the festive period.  But the way those bell notes sound at the start, the dark skies in the video and even the way the Youtube thumbnail resembles a snow scene all put me in the festive spirit.  All we need to do is add some sleigh bells over the top and we have a bona fide Christmas classic.

Actually, I really want to try that…

Yep, I can smell the stuffing and taste the egg-nog already.