50 YMM MVs Day 22: Interactive

I think Maniac can put in a more comprehensive review of this video!

Hamidashi Paradise is a memorable music video for me in more ways than its memorable choose-your-own adventure style; it was my first real exposure to You’ll Melt More! aside from them occasionally sprouting up in my music feed and making me go “well, that was nice!”.

Back in the day, Hamidashi Paradise also brought up a little bit of pent-up anxiety, having just finished an Interactive Design course so disastrously that seeing anything even slightly technically-impressive brought back flashbacks of failed javascript attempts and panic attacks on presentation day! The video was also mercilessly robbed by DEEP GIRL during the first-ever Homicidols Best-Of poll (which, considering DEEP GIRL crashed and burned soon after said win while YMM! are still standing strong today, that can be either amusing or tragic depending on your general worldview).

While groundbreaking at the time, and still is one of the most interesting idol MVs out there, sometimes the method of “click x arrow for this option” can get frustrating, as I had to restart the music video many times just because I accidentally pulled the window away and getting lost. No big deal though, it was fun to go through all the options again. Surprisingly, going by Ano’s suggestion of “going to heaven” actually turns out to be the least insane direction! I still haven’t found a “good end” yet though.

Either way, Hamidashi Paradise ultimately reminds me of the fun times I had upon first going down the rabbit hole of alternative idol, and it was nice looking back at such a personal artefact. And, as I explored all the different options, it still provided a good hour or so of entertainment, which is more than most music videos have managed.

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  1. This is one of the very best in an already remarkable MV catalog. One of Chiffon’s best hairstyles and Kechon’s absolute worst

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