50 YMM MVs Day 21: Troublesome

We’re up to video twenty-one in our melt-a-thon and today we bring you Mendoi Shindoi PUNK Suru Ka.  I’m relying on machine translations for the titles but the robots have got their cyber-pants in a twist over whether this one means “Do you have troublesome PUNK?”, “Would you like a troublesome PUNK?” or “Do you want to make a mess of PUNK?” which are quite different requests.  If you speak the squiggly idol language, please tell us which it is in the comments.

Anyway, sounds like we’re getting PUNK; let’s look and listen:

Yep, I can certainly pogo to this while spitting on my family and shoving a safety pin through my nose.  And the video itself shows a DIY, low-budget punk spirit.  They get up.  They jump on the bed.  They go to the park and wave their arms and mug for the camera.  They…board a plane to Singapore?

OK, maybe not that low budget then.  Presumably there was a concert in Singapore though and they didn’t just go to film this video.  Anyway, once there they continue fooling about and being PUNK and drawing bemused glances from the locals.  Hopefully the residents were happy to receive their four troublesome PUNKs!