Beds’ Brimstone and Paradises’ Pool Party

Remember when GANG PARADE split into two groups and nobody was really sure what was happening because they were seemingly promoting together and kept using GANG PARADE despite not being GANG PARADE anymore? Well good news! It’s significantly less confusing now AND we have two new music videos!

That’s right, GO TO THE BEDS and PARADISES hit us with the simultaneous MV drop!

First up we have “I don’t say sentiment” from GTTB. If you couldn’t guess from the bones adorning their profile pictures on Twitter and funeral themed costumes, Beds’ theme is all about death. The MV has them mosh in the firey depths of hell while screaming over some hard rock with vocal distortion. There’s levitation, glowing eyes, things exploding… if this is the kind of fun they’re having in hell then living a life of sin is absolutely going to pay off in the long run.
If you liked GANG PARADE’s “GANG PARADE TAKES THEMSELVES HIGHER!!” and “LAST GANG PARADE” this is absolutely the group for you.

Which brings us to the softer, more trad-idol-esque antics of PARADISES with “TWINKLE TWINKLE”:

The debut MV of newcomer Kira May, who was promoted from WACK’s trainee group WAgg in under 6 months after succeeding during the audition camp. In a stark contrast to their sister group’s eternal damnation, PARADISES get to kick it by the pool at a waterpark. That’s really all there is to it, dancing and splashing by the pool.
If you liked “BARELY LAST” and “LOVE PARADE”, the soft and cute antics of this quintet of young women with their babysitter is the group to follow. They even have a bonus Instagram exclusive music video featuring member and TikTok sensation Naruhaworld! Who doesn’t love bonus content?

Both groups will have their debut albums drop on July 22nd. 12 songs each, that’s 24 songs in one day! Matsukuma Kenta’s guitar is clearly working on overtime here. Beds have a preview of their album up on YouTube too, with some Begotten-esque visuals in case you planned on sleeping tonight.

GANG PARADE’s legacy lives on, and with Kamiya Saki’s graduation from idol to freelance choreographer, it’s clear these two halves held together by her have become opposing forces; sister groups but also rivals. So, which team are you on? Yes, you have to pick a side. The rules are entirely made up but we’re still enforcing them here!