50 YMM MVs Day 11: Reflect

If you’re keeping up with series, it will be apparent that we’re covering the You’ll Melt More! music videos in chronological order.  So it may seem strange that following three songs from their second album, we get Nigero!! from their first.

On May 2, 2015, You’ll Melt More! played their biggest concert yet.  1200 people crammed into the Akasaka BLITZ to watch them perform, with a full band, pretty much every song they had recorded to date.  Clearly this triumph caused them to reflect on their career so far, so a video was made for Nigero!! (from the previous year’s album UNFORGETTABLE FINAL ODYSSEY) which had become a kind of theme tune for them.  The video compiles many past live performances of the song, leading up to the big gig – hence the subtitle Road to BLITZ Memorial Movie.  Oh, and it wasn’t all nostalgia – there was also a digital live album of the concert to promote (which you can still buy).  This video also gave fans one more chance to remember and say goodbye to former members Yuizarasu and Yumikon.

“Nigero!!” translates as “Run Away!!”  But I hope YOU don’t run away and tune in tomorrow to see if I can write a better ending to my article  another great MV!