Your Weekly Livestream Timetable No.7

I wanted to post the livestream schedule a little early this week so people can plan ahead a bit. I don’t want folks in North America to wake up Friday morning just to realize that the Friday night debut of NECROMA’s new line-up is already over. I will be adding any new annoucements I see between now and the weekend so check back for updates.

I also want to send out a special thanks to those people who have DM’ed me on Twitter (@daemetal) to let me know I’ve overlooked something.  It really is a big help. THANK YOU!!

Livestream Timetable

Updated: June 6th

PLEASE NOTE: All dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST) except where noted. Convert to your time here.

Thursday, June 4th (JST)

18:30 – INUWAHSI / BUgg / Malcolm Mask McLarencore music ONLINE LIVE 

Friday, June 5th (JST)

19:00 – First Summer UikaBirthday Party


20:00 – NECRONOMIDOL『NECRONOMIDOL resurrection │ blood 』


Friends of Homicidols

20:00 – URBANGARDELive Talk: Yoko Hamasaki x Chiaki Fujitani – Polka dot Autobiography

Saturday, June 6th (JST)

13:00 –  Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da“Mimumei TOUR2020 Day17 ~ Mashiro Birthday Special ~ Thank you for being born ~”

17:00 –  Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da“Mimumei TOUR2020 Day17 ~ LIVE”

19:00 – BROKEN BY THE SCREAMSpecial Live Selection 1st Night: Yae

19:40 – TORICAGO「Uguisu Records vol.29」

22:00 – CY8ER「CY8ER DEATH MATCH @ Tokyo Dome City Hall」, YouTube Premier

Friends of Homicidols

8:00 (CST) – Aki & Sarshi – Timora Talks: Virtual Instore feat. Aki & Sarshi

Sunday, June 7th (JST)

12:00 – Zsasz / nuance / IVOLVE / POMERO / others「DDD ONLINE」

13:00 – lyrical school –  「risano’s dance school」

13:30 – Dan te Lion / SEEDZirco Tokyo’s 4th Anniversary TwitCast

13:00 – seireki13yaMauru Birthday Festival

15:20 – FAREWELL, MY L.u.v – Studio Live

17:00 – seireki13yaOneMan LIVE ~ Mauru Birthday Festival ~

17:30 – LadybeardLadybeard Home Edition

17:50 – sora tob sakanaPleasure Boat on the Moon

18:30 – Maneki Kecakenhancement plan♪

19:00 – BROKEN BY THE SCREAMSpecial Live Selection 2nd Night: Kagura

20:00 – 2&Kanoichi Vol.1 Guest 2& Saki

20:00 – You’ll Melt MoreNo Audience LIVE

Daily Broadcasts

17:00 – Gokigen Teikoku A Different Member Live Streams Each Day

Monday, June 8th (JST)

20:00 – Kakizaki Risaki, Imaizumi Rei, MichelleTwit Casting Live

Tuesday, June 9th (JST)

20:00 –  BURST GIRLIDOL x COOKING Vol.1 – Burst COOKING!!!

Thursday, June 11th (JST)

21:00 – LiLii Kaona / Shihatsu-machi Underground – MoonRomantic by Organica, No Audience Live

Friday, June 12th (JST)

20:00 – NECRONOMIDOL“DON”T BURN LOVE” Nana Kamino Birthday Celebration Live

Saturday, June 13th (JST)

11:00 –  XPLACE / COLOR’z  / SEED / Dan te Lion / Chase × Chase / many moreAKIBUZZ LIVE!!!

19:00 – WAggNew member Waki ​​Waki ​​Wacky (tentative name) unveiled NO AUDiENCE LiVE

19:00 – BROKEN BY THE SCREAMSpecial Live Selection 3rd Night: Ayame

Friends of Homicidols

19:00 – AKKOGORILLA and many moreFrom Japan to the World Music Festival

Sunday, June 14th (JST)


19:00 – BROKEN BY THE SCREAMSpecial Live Selection 4th Night: Io

Friends of Homicidols

20:00 – Tentai3349“General Mukoumizu” Oneman Live

Monday, June 15th (JST)

20:30 – Melon Batake a gogo / The Grateful a MogAAAz / SAKA SAMASICKxIDOLSxSICK 〜No Audience LIVE SPECIAL〜

Tuesday, June 16th (JST)

23:00 – GYNOU FESSKY Perfect TV broadcast of Gyu Agricultural Festival Spring 2020 No Audience Live  “IDOL is STILL ALIVE”

Friday, June 19th (JST)

19:30 – Jyujyu / Qumari Depart / Anthurium / Sakuragi Mochiko Yurane Birthday Festival!

Sunday, June 28th (JST)

20:00 – Cinema & Boy CQ – CQ#192 CINEMA-LAND Live Broadcast

Tuesday, July 7th (JST)

19:00 – MIGMA SHELTER – 『Rave Against 01』