Your Homicidols Weekender #364

I’ve spent the last several days recovering and trying to catch up after a week following NEO JAPONISM around California and Las Vegas, but now find myself scrambling to finalize preparations to hop on a plane to the UK for the western debut of AiNA THE END, ASP, and ExWHYZ at WACK in the UK. These are great problems to have, but at some point I need to catch up on sleep. While I’m over in London, I am also really looking forward to meeting the members of Team Homicidols UK branch in person for the first time as well as putting faces-to-usernames of the other denizens of the Homicidols Discord Server who are also making the pilgrimage to Camden.  I haven’t visited the UK since BABYMETAL’s first show at Wembley Arena back in 2016. I found my Oyster Card from that visit. I wonder if it will still work…

Here’s some new stuff to check out while I finish packing.

NEMLESS and ERISU will be traveling to Sweden to help SARI celebrate her birthday.

Meanwhile, GARUDA celebrated her birthday this week with a huge live and a new MV.

Another of our favorite, heavy solo acts, DIABLEVOIX, released a single an supporting MV.

Himari successfully wrapped up the first Isiliel World Tour.

RAY is the best we have.

WAGAMAMA RAKIA released a new digital single.

Here’s our first look at kijō no kÅ«ron, the new sister group to the incomparable -odoro-.

Virtual idols from your most perverse nightmares, Ikigusare, have a new album available on BandCamp.

TENRIN dropped a PV for their new, delightfully entitled song.

From the more trad side of the genre, we have a new one from the exquisite Qumari Depart.

anew released their first album with this amazing album art.


The new album from C;ON sports some awesome album art as well.


Kolokol did a big retrospective of their five-year history this week and then dropped this new MV.

We haven’t really checked in with BiSH successor unit, BiTE A SHOCK, yet so, here:

Meanwhile, BiSH’s pre-cursor unit, BiS, released a new single this week.

We can always use more seno sister.

Oshiloss Corner

Madeline has officially withdrawn from The Grateful a MogAAAz.

Muku is graduating from Craveit.

Aya Yuai and Sola Shirosaki are graduating from MiiS.

Oshifound Corner

KILLERMACHINE (ex. Chemical X and Woven’s) has announced her debut as a soloist.

GALS is rebooting as SUPER GENE.

Have a Good Weekend!