Your Homicidols Weekender #366

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the US which can mean only one thing: Homicidols’ Best of the Year awards season is right around the corner! Watch as over the next few weeks we will be rolling out nominations, voting, and, just after the new year, we will crown the best that alt, indie and underground idol had to offer in 2023.

Unfortunately, the end of the year is also the season for lots of graduations and disbandments, so be careful venturing near Oshiloss Corner this week. It’s a lot.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check our report from last week’s WACK in the UK. In other overseas idol appearance news, MIHO is going to the Netherlands in January and bringing NONAYU and Okinawa Electric Girl Saya with her.

And don’t forget that January is also bringing Broken By the Scream to Anime Los Angeles.

The new MV from Yurapico is directed by usabeni.

MANACLE has officially escaped into the light.

While part-time demon Shiina Pikarin remains fully ensconced in darkness.

The new 6-song concept album from pupa!! includes a song exploring each hour from 1:00 to 6:00 a.m.


PassCode dropped a couple of PVs this week.

Kira Machi dropped her solo debut

Erisu teamed up with RUKATAMA in their new MV.

anew continue to promote their debut album which is very worthy of your attention.

If you enjoy dream pop with challenging rhythms and delicate noise, neochi, the idol unit you can enjoy even with your eyes closed, released their first album.

If you’re looking for a mellow groove, try the new digital single from lyrical school.

Junketsu Depart (side project of Momoshikiya Furukinokibano Shinobunimo Naoamariaru Mukashinarikeri of PLANCK STARS) released their second single.


Yuir Hirano (ex. APOKALIPPPS,  SZWARC, and TAKENOKO▲) released this absolute earworm into the world. I have easily watched this 12 times this week.

Fresh off of their successful appearance at WACK in the UK, ExWHYZ dropped a new MV.

kinopo. is live.

cana÷biss give us a lyric video for their latest.

Oshiloss Corner

Ayame and Kagura have officially graduated from Broken By the Scream.

Mayoi Touwa’s boyfriend didn’t like her being an idol, so she quit CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL effective immediately.

MiiS will disband after their 3rd anniversary one-man in January.

mzsrz is losing four members in January.

Kana Yamazaki and Miyu Otsuka are graduating from Rainbow Conquistador. Our hearts go out to Homicidols Discord server member ckiemnstr345 during this difficult time.

Junui has left MagMell.

CUBΣLIC is ending their current system.

Akagi and Haruki are leaving Electric Ribbon and the current system is ending in December.

Oshifound Corner

The LADYBABY reboot has finally been given a official date for it’s debut. Membership announcements have been slowly rolling out all week.

Qndy is a new unit featuring  Ponto Pero (ex. Gekijouban Kokiken Teikoku and Zero Project).

Our favorite former idol, N・FENI, has a new MV about our favorite house pet.

Have a Good Weekend!