Your Homicidols Weekender #363

Greetings from Las Vegas! Between the last Weekender and this one I have been tooling around the Los Angeles metropolitan area following NEO JAPONISM  from one live to the next. It has been quite the week and I’ve been able to experience the group challenging themselves in front a diverse array of audiences: from performing in front of hundreds at the OC Japan Fair, to a crowd of about 30 at an impromptu coffee house set, to absolutely rocking the iconic Viper Room.

It has also been awesome to hang out with old friends and also meet some members of the Homicidols community In Real Life® for the first time. And the  trip isn’t quite over yet!  I’ve now travelled from LA here to Vegas as, later today, NEO JAPONISM will be appearing at the Sin City Anime  convention at 6:00 pm before quickly heading over to the Backstage Bar the for the TOUSHINRANBU tour final.

Isiliel is also in the US on the final leg of her first world tour, moonbow rising. She has announced that her tour final will take place in Chicago and also mark her first time performing  in the Windy City.

In the virtual space, our friends at the Swedish-Japanese Performers Association are hosting FiDZ and DA BAMBI for an online Q&A and cheki session.

We have received a new testament from our personal lord and savior, nonayu.

It is not possible to get enough of NaNoMoRaL.

SAZANAMi Λug. have slowly turned into one of my favorite things.

anew (Art Idol New World) have also snuck into this category.

The latest shoegaze single Shimmer Shrimpmer is now available on your streaming service of choice.

Antithese give us this optimistic new MV.

MAD MEDiCINE give us a taste of their live prescription.

YA’ABURNEE, the new unit themed as, “not gothic, but grotesque and cute,”  held their first live this week and dropped their first manic single.


sui sui star in this week’s episode of everyone’s favorite show, Idols with Guns.

Qppo! are the subject of a documentary being released nationwide in December.

∞lette is “art idol” in the sense that the unit is literally made up of art students.

Oshiloss Corner

Hime Kyun Fruit Can, one of the oldest alt-idol units in existence, predating even BiS and BABYMETAL, will disband at the end of December.

Here is the heartbreaking final live from Minna no Kodomochan.

They have also released their latest posthumous single.

Reo will be leaving MAZE.

Dinosaur released a PV from their final live. They are now in hiatus.

B.K.S.N disbanded on Halloween.

Ame Ryu Matsuri will be graduating from Treble.


Oshifound Corner

In a surprise new front runner for Reboot of the Year, Yurapico announced the one-day reunion of both BURST GIRL and GUSO DROP for her 10th anniversary show in December.

The reunion announcement has led to lots of lovely reminiscences, especially from Boss Rei who notes that, during her GUSO DROP days, she was mostly just trying to pick fights with otaku.

In what would be the Oshifound headline in any other week:  Megumi Kisaragi (leader and producer of Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.)  has been announced as the fourth and final member of Yukueshirezutsurezure reboot, Not Secured, Loose Ends.

Speaking of Yukueshirezutsurezure, former member, Con, (aka Kokoko) has released a new MV with her band, Gordon.

Seira Asahina (ex. SPARK SPEAKER) has re-emerged on Twitter.

Have a good Weekend!

2 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #363

  1. Wow the Minna No Kodomochan final live was bloody brilliant. I was in floods.I am desperately sad to lose them. It will always be an all time favourite album.
    I also feel very lucky to have caught them live in June and get a cheki. It was purely by a fortunate chain of events. I was in Japan to see Swancry at The Edo Fes 2023. In between bands two Girls very kindly came up to me and started chatting. One of them was Serval Dog (who is also performing with Swancry on 29/12. Her music is really interesting and her performance one of the best). The other was “Zubico” who spoke some English. We exchanged twitter addresses and due to that encounter I saw on twitter that Zubico was performing on 16th June , my Last night in Japan before flying back to the UK. Then I saw that Minna No Kodomochan were also performing at the same event. Even though it was a shorter set and not a Band set , it was still amazing. So I guess if it wasn’t for Swancry,none of that would have happened.
    As with all the idols I met , she was very patient with my total lack of speaking Japanese, was a very happy and lovely person (in contrast to the music) and such a wonderful smile. Zubico was really great too and the evening made the perfect end to my trip. The evening would otherwise have been spent getting depressed on my own in my Hotel room trying not to think about having to go home.
    Ps The Ray live pv in last week’s weekender was utterly brilliant and in a league of it’s own.
    Pps Gordon are great too. Also loving Nonayu’s stuff… she is working so hard.
    Ppps Maybe I will get to see NSLE after all…… inside or outside of Japan ?

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