Your Homicidols Weekender #365

Greetings from London on this landmark edition of The Weekender! As we hit this milestone edition #365, Homicidols has now published so many Weekenders that you could read a different one each day for a full year. I’m celebrating with a dinner consisting of my very first meat bun ever (chicken curry) followed my first taste of mince pies for dessert courtesy of our very own Kerrie. I actually spent the day wandering around London with a multi-national gang of OOMFS including Team Homicidols’ Cal and Kerrie.  In another landmark, this week saw the very first time three whole members of Team were together in the same place at the same time. We are not typically allowed to be in such close proximity for reasons to do with maintaining the line of succession, but special dispensation was received due to the OTHER landmark event taking place this week: the Western debut of ASP, ExWHYz, and AiNA THE END at WACK in the UK.

As announced at the end of the show, WACK is returning to London this coming March with ASP (again), GANG PARADE, and KiSS KiSS. There is no word yet on a venue, but speculation puts it somewhere other than Underworld as the thirteen members of GANG PARADE may not be able to fit on that little stage.

Other stuff happened this week too, like:

Shiatsu-Machi Underground got way too classy for this place.

Sticking with the art idols, anew released a couple of PVs this to support their recent album.

Not to cause a scene, but Ringwanderung just dropped their new single, “Melodrama.”

Ikigusare, the monster under your bed’s favorite idol unit, released another MV.

If you still feel a lack of chaos in your life, SUPER MACARONI SALAD have a new single to held fill the void.


THE ORGANICS celebrate their second anniversary with a new single.

usabeni goes lo-fi in her latest.

yosugala has been making a lot of noise lately.

Future bass unit eik are featured in this groovy tune.

The always-delightful tipToe. Released their latest single.

Is MAPA changing their name back to ZOC? We don’t know, and the answer is not to be found in this PV either.

MAD MEDICiNE has spawned a hyper kawaii sub-unit.

Treble is featured in this quirky video learning English, talking fashion and doing a mini live. 

Oshiloss Corner

Rinne is ending their current system on November 23rd.

Zetsubou no Litora withdrew from Eve after committing some unnamed, egregious acts. The unit  immediately rebooted as a trio with a new Twitter account and won’t be taking any questions.

Miruka has been dismissed from OMG for contract breach.

Oshifound Corner

FANCYLABO, the group formed by Aoi Yagawa (ex. Maison Book Girl) dropped their a new single.

Have a Good Weekend!