TFW You Can’t Quit Idol and Idol Can’t Quit You

The waning days of 2019 and opening week of 2020 have been a special time. Some of the greatest legacy acts and personalities of our time hang ’em up at last — the literal goddess of earth and sky herself even revealing that she’s been secretly married all this time — and with that saw the retirement from idol and return to solo work by the grand dame herself, Pour Lui, twice founder of BiS, mature member of BILLIE IDLE, from whose fecund mind sprang the cultural movement that created not just modern chika idol but about 95% of what we like to cover here. That Lui was going back to her roots as a solo musician (though still connected to the Watanabe/Matsukuma machine) felt like a nice coda, something natural. She was done with idol, and idol — graciously — was done with her.

Or so we thought!

New group with a familiar-sounding name. New auditions. New music. “It’s complicated” with WACK. Somebody stage an intervention for this woman!

I’m teasing, of course. Lui’s original return to WACK and BiS almost four (!) years ago now was a mogul’s kind of move, and I doubt that she was ever completely divorced from the company that she helped to build. A new WACK-adjacent project — one that can take advantage of those resources while having freedom in production — makes sense for her, as a standalone entity (whether this one idol thing or eventually several) with support from existing infrastructure can be a nice crucible for experimentation and professional growth as a manager, especially if she’s going to continue to do solo work into the future.

So that’s neat. I frankly have no idea what this project is actually going to be like and will be kind of mad if it’s a BiS clone (we have one of those; the current name terrifies me). Lui’s personal musical track record is diverse and interesting, though, so this all could have a unique outcome. I look forward to sporadically writing about it!

It has come to the editors’ attention that this publication’s claim to cover all of the hard side of idol has been reduced in the past week to exclusively covering WACK and related projects. Homicidols Dot Com regrets the error.