The Best #StayHome Live Moments from the Past Week

Here in the West, we have never before had so many opportunities to see chika idols live on a daily basis. It’s practically a golden age (a lonely, desolate, golden age). Perhaps the only silver lining of this whole stupid pandemic is that, multiple times a day, we can forget why we have to #StayHome for a few moments while we live stream our favorite chika idols into our living rooms

This past week alone had some epic live streamed moments. Yukueshirezutsurezure gave us a pair of phenomenal no-audience lives but you will probably have to join MuFan to catch  the video.  And BABYMETAL’s broadcast of Red and Black night at the Tokyo Dome drew as many YouTube viewers as the actual concerts. The artists below, however, gave us the most memorable #StayHome moments for a variety of reasons. 

Best Demonstration of Social Distancing

The No-Audience Live is quickly becoming an art form in its own right and lyrical school need to be recognized as early masters of the form after REMOTE FREE LIVE vol.1. Even with the limitations of the medium and no costumes, the members display some perfect timing, immaculate skills and a playful charisma.  Heads up: REMOTE FREE LIVE vol.2 is being live streamed April 17th at 20:00 (JST).

Best Use of Alternative Location

TORICAGO entitled their most recent live stream, From the Shore of the Lake, which I assumed was a theme or a song reference until I tuned in and learned they were being quite literal.   The live stream began with the members prone on a beach like a shipwrecked crew and goes on for over 90 minutes of earnest performances and lighthearted MC in the sand.

TORICAGO Shoreline Live

At just over an hour-and-a-half, the whole live stream is a bit of marathon and, being broadcast from a beach, the audio gets adversely effected at a few points when the wind picks up. Still, it is full of standout moments including a heartfelt rendition of SHIKU SHIKU (beginning at 44:30).

Best Wellness and Self-Care Resource

Hoshi Shiho of Gekijouban Gokigen TeikokuΩ was a bit concerned about everyone’s lack of  exercise from being stuck at home, so she was kind enough to stream a workout for us all to follow. The exercise routine starts at about 8:40 and goes for just over 60 minutes will several breaks to catch your breath.

Best Use of PPE

There’s only one idol unit out there mashing vintage R&B with everything from funk to big band ska, and that’s Nagoya duo FAREWELL, MY L.u.v.  Their latest studio live is a great showcase of their talent and incredible song catalog.  Also, in a remarkable act of foresight, Mori Kikomaru a.k.a. Tyrone Woods doesn’t just wear a mask for this show, she’s been ensuring that her face is always covered since she joined the group last year. 

For upcoming #StayHome broadcasts, we are trying to maintain a schedule of known live streamed events here: Homicidols Live Stream Timetable.