ICYMI: You’ll Be Sow Happy To Meet Pour Lui’s PIGGS

This article was a bit delayed due to sickness, so sorry to all 99% of you who know about this by now!

As many of you know, Pour Lui has seemingly been repeating 2010 in 2020, first releasing a (pretty darn good!) solo album, then going on to form her new group.

Anyway, we got the solo album, time to see the group! Meet PIGGS:


(We knew Pour Lui was borrowing WACK resources for this, did that include the artist for the GANG PARADE split groups’ logos?)

Along with the group’s name and line-up, we also got to hear their debut song:

“BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!” The woman who sadly did not change her stage name to PIGG LUI cries out. See, in a direct violation of government social distancing advice, Pour Lui has made every member of PIGGS live with her in her tiny apartment. Why? Because Pour Lui seemingly lives her life like its reality TV, but also because she wants to challenge her freshly-caught swine!

That’s where “I HATE PIGGS” comes in. In a rough translation of her own words, Pour Lui wants the members to “Love PIGGS so much they begin to hate it” so now they have to do a different livestreamed challenge every day for about 100 days. If they succeed? We get more songs! If they fail? Well, they have an album coming out on July 1st anyway so no huge tragedy that we know of. Really, this is just a decent way of passing the time spent in lockdown while also promoting the group. 

This article came a little late, so the first two challenges are already complete, and the first is still available to watch:

This next year should be interesting…