For Him? For Her? It’s POUR LUI

Is this the longest downtime between albums in idol history? Seriously, we’ve been waiting for 10 years!

Today the sequel to Pour Lui’s original solo album “Minna no Pour Lui” aptly titled “Minna no Pour Lui II” drops and oh boy was it worth the decade long wait.

As you can see we have a full double album here! Eight brand new songs and a second disc of re-recordings from the original Minna no Pour Lui.

The initial sound is what you’d expect from a WACK and SCRAMBLES production – it’s solid alt-rock that makes you want to slam your head back and forth, with opening track “I’m in love” featuring some guitarwork that wouldn’t go out of place on an Iron Maiden album. Pour Lui would kill Run to the Hills but could Bruce Dickinson do THIS? No, because he can’t speak Japanese.


The full album is incredibly varied and quirky; we go from straight up show tunes on GiRLS WAR to almost hip hop esque beats on Surechigai to the close with angst ridden J-rock on NONONO. Mother Superior Lui is somebody that’s had a long, unique career and the blending of genres on the album is almost reflective of that: there’s something for everyone while remaining uniquely hers. You can translate the album’s title to “Everything is Pour Lui’s” for a reason.

While the new tracks end there, the second disc of re-recordings themselves feel brand new. The original Minna no Pour Lui, billed as “The World is Pour Lui’s” overseas because Tsubasa Records had some odd translation choices, was very autotune and synth heavy. The autotuned vocals blend nicely with the synthrock to create a melancholic, rainy-mood feeling but there’s not a trace of any of that on the new versions. Lui’s full vocal prowess is displayed, showing a mountain of growth over the past decade.

In her own words from a recent interview with Natalie, “[My singing] used to sound like a cute virgin… Now it’s slutty and dripping with experience.”

Lui originally wanted to perform cute love songs, it’s where her French stage name comes from because it’s the language of love after all! The heartfelt angsty songs written by a teenage girl grew up with her and they’ve been given the chance to mature on this album; sonically, vocally, emotionally.

Pour Lui’s original tagline as a soloist was “new age rock icon”, and after 10 years of trailblazing and laying the foundation for countless other idol groups to make idol whatever you want it to be, this double album proves that her legacy deserves absolutely every bit of infamy attached to her name.

But where do you go from here? Lui’s upcoming group have their sights set on China; wanting to bring their style of ragtag idols who you can watch grow to a new audience. Erisu (set to debut at Monster of Dolls in November) hold the title for “world’s first Chinese-European alternative idol unit” with their extreme cultural mixing, maybe we’ll get to see a 2man live performance with them both?

A new decade means we get some new surprises and just like Lui wrote in BiSBiS, “If you come along, there’ll be an unforgettable story~”