50 YMM MVs Day 10: Kerpow!

On the tenth day of Yuru-mas, your blog loves give to you: this cheery Chinese-y chune.  Er, tune.

1! 2! Kung Fu! was a B-Side from yesterday‘s Soycorp smashing single Hamidasumo!, although not on the digital versions so this video was the only place most of us outside Japan could hear it until it appeared on the YOU ARE THE WORLD album later in the year.  A shame as the song packs a punch and kicks you in the pants and throws you to the, alright I’ll stop now.

The video show the group take a trip to Chinatown, and they’re really making a day of it: kitting themselves out in qipaos, banging gongs, waving panda puppets around, striking Bruce Lee poses and having a sumptuous sit down meal.  But where is Chibo, the baby of the group?  The poor girl has to spend the whole day studying for an exam due the following morning!  This is especially harsh as we see her enthusiastically planning the day with the rest of them at the beginning of the clip.  And while the grown-ups are having an increasingly wonderful time, Chibo is stuck in her classroom getting progressively more tired and frazzled under the weight of her study material.  Afterwards, fed up, she sits down by the side of the road but is surprised by her groupmates.  They haven’t forgotten her and have bought her back some heartwarming gifts – a Chinese costume and some, er, nunchucks.

Chibo brandishing nunchucks.

The next day, wearing the costume and swinging the nunchucks around, she blazes through that exam!  Whether the power of friendship has sharpened her mind or her new outfit and accessories have imbued her with the spirit of the dragon is left to your guess.  But in real life, Chibo did shortly have to take a two month break from You’ll Melt More! to concentrate on her school work.  How her exams went, we don’t know but I hope she took the nunchucks!