Your Homicidols Weekender #87

Hello friends! Who’s all at Hyper Japan this weekend? Kerrie’s there, with a press pass — somehow, our application that said “to interview DEADLIFT LOLITA” was confusing to the organizers, so a press pass was granted only after all of DLL’s interview slots were taken, and we didn’t have a backup plan (though I think Kerrie may, she’s clever). If you happen to see the Weeaboo Witch herself, see if you can con her into being her official photographer or something. Press access is press access!

For the vast majority of us not at Hyper, did you all have a good week? I … did? The last several weeks, and indeed it seems like most of the year, have been busy-ass times for ol’ Maniac, times full of changes and new challenges, and the trip that I was on (first time in that area in a decade!) over the course of the week really drove that home. I’m tired! It’s fortunately a pretty nice weekend now that I’m back home, so I hope to make the most of it.

Idol had a solid week, though, huh? There were some missing pieces for me (I was waiting for another Tsurezure song!), but good tunes abounded. TIF is still a few weeks away, too, so there’s bound to be some good stuff right on the horizon. And, for what it’s worth, maybe the best thing of all from the week hasn’t had its published moment yet, so stick around for a little while before heading out for fun summertime adventures. And, of course, play the Fun, which should definitely get your brain gears turning.

Are You Ever Going to Stop These Things?

Well, here’s part of the MIGMA SHELTER solution:

Terry with a new site, but more importantly info on how to participate in that BURST GIRL thing:

New PassCode single, eh?

Remember how Mashir/lo of ex-DEEP GIRL and current CY8ER fame has a solo project?

The Homicidols TIF guide may or may not happen, but Go Go Going Now! has one up already:

Cool new look for 969; now will somebody please fetch me a copy of their album?

Hey, it’s BILLIE IDLE and it’s an arena tour; just keep the calculus to yourself:

Do Shiori and Haruka live together or something?

I’ll stop posting Koutei Camera Girl Drei videos when they stop releasing them:

Thanks, Tenten:

This is really good NECRONOMIDOL live video:

I wish there were just a touch more info available on the new Kaqriyo Terror Architect EP:

BRATS album trailer?

I reckon that this is what Kerrie’s DEADLIFT LOLITA experience was like:

The Yukueshirezutsurezure album art:

America’s nearest approximation to an idol in the near-mainstream, Poppy, has a new track:

Some of Aya’s finest work:

These Bury photos are amazing:

Here’s some nice live wyenra:

Disappointment is this APOKALIPPPS trailer thing:

At least in my head canon, there is no way that this BANANA MONKEYS video isn’t making fun of Sakura Gakuin:

Have a great weekend!

I could not possibly love this more