Let’s Crowdfund BURST GIRL!

I love a good idol crowdfunding campaign! And who better than hyper-indie darlings Guso Drop BURST GIRL?

“Yes, fine, but what does it all mean?”

Look, this isn’t your grandfather’s help-idol-make-DVD or help-idol-make-MV kind of crowdfunding; this is help-us-pay-to-do-an-all-country-tour-and-also-hit-every-prefecture-and-do-it-based-on-rank-of-how-generous-you-wota-are crowdfunding.

Clever campaign, all told. Basically,* you send money; depending on how much you send, you get the standard thank-you gift, but also are contributing to BURST GIRL’s ability to hit more and more prefectures in turn, thereby raising their profile and getting more people into “GREAT FUCKING MY WORLD” and all that jazz. And if you’re among the folks who crowdfund the hardest, which is to say give the most money in a very reserved way because they’re not total masochists, you can get a BURST GIRL live at your house!

Go look at the rewards, plus get the details on how to contribute. It unfortunately seems like it might be a little on the onerous side, but that’s fine. Tough things are worth doing if the goals themselves are worth it!

*And I mean basically; the way this is described is stressing my ability to comprehend it