Let’s Have a Chat about Oomori Seiko

I don’t mean to alarm anybody, but the patron saint of idols, the living legend named Oomori Seiko, just released a new album, Kusokawa Party, and it’s everything that I wish a lot of other things in this world could be. That’s usually about all I’d say about it and kick it into the Weekender, but we’re Seiko fans around these parts, and her influence and support for idol at times near and far demands respect all by itself. So! When Seiko does good and loud things, they get held up as an example of what the really good shit can be.

For instance!

That’s like vintage Quintet BiS being reinterpreted by syva and GESSHI after a long night of No-Doz and absinthe.

This one is pure chaos taking a tour through chika idol:

No, this isn’t a review post — we just published one of those — because those are reserved for idols, and Seiko isn’t operating under those auspices here. What we have, though, is an album of some of the very best in J-music with a ton of crossover, genre-busting appeal, which just so happens to be the point of ye olde website, ya dig? Like, this all is done to support one’s journey’s of musical discovery and finding new things and having new versions of that “oh god damn” feeling on continuous basis. And, when you’re dabbling in the Japanese scene, if that basis isn’t including Oomori Seiko, you may as well just wear a shirt that says “I’m a big dumb idiot” everywhere you go. I presume that you like idols, and especially loud-weird-unconventional idols, if you’re here; well, that probably doesn’t happen if not for people like Seiko opening up space with their own work and then being unashamed of embracing the scene.

The above are the kinds of things that you might naturally expect to find here, but this is like the crown jewel:

So if you haven’t had a chance yet to dig into Oomori Seiko, this is going to be a good time to get started.