Now This Is a Summertime Idol Song

Man, after this past week, I needed to see this in my Soundcloud feed:

I mean, it’s called “Super Summer”, so

It’s so bright! I like the additional punk infusion; this isn’t emotional idorock the way that your Babyraids JAPAN, for instance, might do it, but more along the lines of Malcolm Mask McLaren or, once upon a time, THE SPUNKY (RIP). Their last one went that route a little bit, too, but with a meaner edge. And while I love meaner edges, this one is the better mood-setter for sure.

Here are lyrics:

It’s worth remembering, too, that 143 is yet another high-performing 2018 debutante, currently racking up fans at a pretty good clip by chika standards. I don’t follow them closely enough to know what all is cooking, but it’s clearly starting to work for them. Be the summertime idols, 143!