You Have Never Feared a Friday Fun as Much as You Should This One

Hi everyone! Anyone coming to Hyper Japan this weekend? I’m there tomorrow. I got a press pass very last minute (like too last minute to use it for its intended purpose, interviewing DLL) but they needed to see a business card so now I have a whole bunch of spare business cards that I don’t know what to do with so if you see me at the show I’ll give you an official Homicidols business card! Yes, seriously.

Kerrie, I say this as your publisher and also your friend: Autograph those things and charge 5 muckles or whatever you call British currency for them

Anyway, let’s have a look at some of the most outrageous yet believable idol misconceptions of this week!

This one is actually a backup fun, but with Papermaiden appearing on A-to-J’s podcast today, it only felt appropriate to bring this one out of the archive, as this was all her idea!

Now, where did this all start, perhaps?

Well, if you’re active on K-Pop stan on Twitter at all, you may have seen a couple of self-insert fanfic prompts such as:

Which then brought me to tweet:

(I censored Necroma because I know how much Himari stalks this twitter and I didn’t want to creep the poor girl out)

Which then brought people to respond:

Maiden is right, I think we could have a lot of fun with this one.

So, this week’s Friday Fun is all about insane idol fanfic prompts! I can’t promise me or Papermaiden will actually write these fics, but at the very least we can have a good chuckle at “How will BiS propose to you?”. Tweet your fic prompts with #HomicidolsFanficDay, make sure to get creative!