Crank It up, RIOT BABY!

And speaking of idols that I like to look in on every now and again, do you guys remember RIOT BABY? I always find myself wondering what they’re up to. Ever since arguably my favorite-ever post title, they’ve been kind of quiet (and gained a member!), which I guess will happen when the average age of the unit is 12 — you’re pretty much doing gigs on the weekend, and not all the time at that.

Well, damn it all, they unleashed upon the world another MV for “Let’s Go”, which I don’t know is a new single or just one of those let’s-build-some-popularity moves, and bless them for it.

Thanks PIH!

Here’s another version, because why the hell not?

In a SPUNKY-less world, in which the likes of Party Rockets GT have mostly run away from the hard stuff, somebody has to keep that kawaiicore flame burning. I would love for RIOT BABY to keep this going for a long, long time.

One thought on “Crank It up, RIOT BABY!

  1. Honestly i feel like By My Side didn’t get the props it deserved, it still gets stuck in my head on a regular basis.

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