This Is What’s Actually Going on in That New Maison Book Girl MV

All right, at this point, I don’t think that I need to set up the MV for Maison Book Girl’s “cotoeri,” but it’s kind of essential to the point of this whole thing, and perpetuity is as good a reason as anything to post stuff even after the fact, so:

The lyrics are dope af, though

Now, if you’ll remember, I said that I was kayfabe leaving myself open to this new release from Maison Book Girl; the music lover in me loves their artistic bent, whereas the Maniac in me wishes that they’d either distort a damn guitar or stop with the xylophone and harpsichord sounds. But open I was! And am! And you know what? I do like this (kayfabe) more than pretty much everything since “bath room”, which is from when the whole dang project was fresh and new and I hadn’t gotten tired of xylophone and harpsichord sounds.

The reason for the late delivery on this post, by the way? I was trying really hard to make a funny. “Maison Book Girl Has Rewarded My Support with a Maison Book Girl Song” was one previous title, for instance, whereupon I was going to make fun of both the song and myself. Another alternative involved a tasteless riff on heroin; another, way too obscure, on “coterie” vs. “cotoeri” (though I understand, I do).

And while I was prevaricating, I saw a couple of posts from Tristan’s blog on … Maison Book Girl. This is the second; you can get to the first just by following along. But check it: An AI made those lyrics! I am extremely displeased no matter how boss they are!

So: In the end, my weird game of chicken with MBG continues apace, and if you really want to learn the good stuff about deliberately obscure idol projects, you should consult the people who love them most.