Your Homicidols Weekender #44

I think it’s time to quit my job, gang. There’s a tremendously awesome piece that I really want to write, and I need to prepare for my class, and I just know that idol’s going to pop in Q4 (COME ON, JYU JYU!), and here I am with time for none of it. Phooey.

Still, it’s the weekend, the blessed, blessed weekend. And this is that great time of year, too, as autumn (or spring, depending on your hemisphere) gets going and time outside can be spent in nature’s splendor without all of the sweating. Gonna do some of that! As should you. Yes, play the Fun, and wish Yuna well, but definitely make sure to do something other than stare at the Weekender.

So It’s Good Then?

Oomori Seiko at that Summer Monster event:

Did you want to see Babyraids JAPAN dance-cover a K-pop hit?

Friggin’ K-pop, being so infectious …

Everything related to Negicco is wonderful:

Kika knows how to decorate for family events:

Which is a shame in a way, because Pour Lui failed her DiET OR DiE challenge and has been placed on hiatus by Watanabe, probably for as long as Chitti was relegated to towel girl for failing her challenge last year:

Maboroshi Karen GenE is losing another:


In light of all the stuff out there recently about people wanting free work and/or outright stealing from other creators:

Here’s some Synth de La Eve live:

That “Judgement” song at the beginning, holy shit

Nobody does it quite like Avandoned:


Did something happen with Maria? There used to be a lot more of them:

Watch this:

True story: Back in 2016, somebody associated with Bellring Girls Heart was running out a ton of English one day, so I tweeted a greeting. The response? “I am lizard freak!” Other than who-else-would-say-that, things like this are why I’ll always believe that it was Kanreko:

Let’s hope that nobody actually committed actual suicide following this PiGU performance of the actually-keeps-getting-better-it’s-really-damn-good “DAY”:

BILLIE IDLE’s closing in on 10,000 followers was pretty neat:


le biglemoi and their odd solo sets continue:

Well well well!

May the gods help us all:

Incidentally, yours truly’s review of “DAWNSLAYER” got the ol’ Japanese translation treatment:

Excellent taste in t-shirts:

Have a great weekend!