I Talk about Idols in Public: Please Do Not Come to My Class in Two Weeks

Well, now I’ve done it. At the behest of a close friend who organizes for Knowledge Commons DC, it appears that I’m going to be doing my best to introduce a whole new class of people to this whole idol thing.

You can learn more about the class here. It’s … well, I’m still writing the presentation, more or less, but thanks to the many of you who’ve done sessions at conventions and the like for doing a lot of the hard work on the front end and helping me to solve the format issue.

Also, how awesome is this email blurb?

Let it be said that I am terrified to be doing this. I’m an experienced and perfectly capable public speaker; I just feel like a total doofus to be doing it like this. Hence: Tell your friends! Just don’t come yourself and be like “Hi Maniac, I’m so-and-so, and I’ve been meaning to tell you bad things about yourself for always botching the minutiae related to my particular favorite chika idols!” That would ruin my day.

Or come, and maybe we can have a pint after or something.

5 thoughts on “I Talk about Idols in Public: Please Do Not Come to My Class in Two Weeks

  1. Boy Howdy! Will there be a correspondence course?

    Of course I kid, What great opportunity, I am sure all will go well. One thing though, will there be video? I would love to see you in action.

  2. Good luck. Just show them a Guso Drop live, a DOTs screaming session and a bit of Necronomidol, and all will be made clear.

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