Yuna Is Ill; PassCode Will Forge On

And in one of the scariest curveballs that I’ve seen since I got into idol:

I did miss it, Brian and Rain, so thank you

The gist: Imada Yuna, who didn’t invent harsh vocals in idol but did manage to become the arguable popular standard bearer of the type, the bad-attitude id that forms almost an entire leg of PassCode all her own, had been unwell, and a medical examination turned up an ovarian cyst. She powered on for a while, but now the plan is for hospitalization and treatment and rest. She’ll be out a while, until the ZENITH tour officially kicks off on Nov. 10.

In the meantime, PassCode will continue on with three members*. This is similar to the Peri Ubu situation with BiS, in which a deal-with-able medical condition that happens to actually be real is dealt with in a sensible way by management (and professionally by medical people, and personally by the unfortunate idol in question), and things return to normal at the first convenience. What I can’t remember, though, is if Watanabe created special personalized merch for Peritan for fans to get at a discount while she was out, because that’s what we-B is doing with Yuna, and I genuinely really like that.

So, scary, but not so scary that we need to hit the panic button. I legitimately don’t know how PassCode could go on without Yuna. Every member is uniquely well-suited to the group, but I think they’d survive the loss of any one other member much better than if Imada were to depart. She’s got to be one of the most MVP-worthy individuals in the entire game.

Get well soon, senpai! Your fans abroad love you!

*I can’t wait to see Kaede take all of those harsh moments herself for the time being!