Friday Fun Is Being Reminded of Idol Everywhere You Go

Hi everyone! It’s Kerrie from the past! I’m writing this a couple of weeks in advance because if everything goes according to plan, I should be in London on a post-Juice=Juice high as you’re reading this. As much as I tend to contaminate Homicidols with my Hello! Project rambling, this time I won’t be interviewing or even meeting them (VIP tickets are so pricey!) but I should hopefully get a sweet t-shirt if the tour merch is anywhere as good as what Up-Front craps out whenever their groups go overseas! Dat Morning ‘Murica towel

Anyway, onto last week’s Friday Fun, #IdolHeaven! I have no idea how well this turned out, but Idol Heaven has surely got to be good,right?

Scroll past the weird stuff that keeps winding up on our hashtags

Anyway, I’m pumped about Juice=Juice so let’s drag Hello! Project back into this (sorry) with an old-ish tweet discovery I made a while back:

If you were going to go “Kerrie, is this Friday Fun seriously furniture?” then damn right!

Let’s face it, not everyone can be a loud, open wota like the type always at the front row of idol shows. Sometimes we choose to showcase our fandom in more subtle ways. This week, if you’ve ever been reminded of idols by every day items, whether that be a shop display or some food packaging, now’s your chance to tweet it!

I don’t expect too many responses, but if I see anything in London I’ll make sure to let you know! Tweet your idol thingymabobs with the hashtag #EverydayIdol. Perhaps we could get a subtle idol shopping catalogue going.