Your Homicidols Weekender #38

Wow. So this was a really fun week, and not just because of Queen of the Scene, but also largely because of Queen of the Scene. We have our winner, and it’s Sari. Am I surprised? Not really; I did a little mental handicap after the first couple of days, just based on how people were responding to the different matchups, and even though it was obvious that Aina and probably Su-metal and a couple of others would surge up toward the top, Sari (and Yura, for what it’s worth) seemed to have some staying power. I wouldn’t have bet on her, but she definitely earned it.

What does that mean? It means that Sari is now and until the next Queen of the Scene (gods willing, not until next year), Sari is the Official Oshi of While I’m sure she’s thrilled, the main thing is that I’ll be doing a thing featuring her, probably as a weekly digest or so, after wrapping up 100 Days of Tsurezure, which is heading for its final week anyway.

All that said, Hail Sari!. Imagine that Ghost’s “Year Zero” is playing while I say that.

As for the rest of it, remember to check out (and chip in!) the TIF Megathread if you get a chance, and of course play the Fun.

There are still 14 of these to go until it’s been a year? That sounds like too many. Goodness.

The Week That Were

FRUITPOCHETTE’s final live was last weekend:

Shiori wrote a nice message to the fans:

You probably heard, but for the record, Peri Ubu is on a few weeks’ hiatus from BiS:

So real is this hiatus that they’re just cancelling the group’s appearances until she’s well again. YES, IDOLS DO SOMETIMES ACTUALLY GET SICK. Enteritis, man. Ain’t no joke.

You may not have heard that Mene is withdrawing from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da because of throat issues.

Her statement and that of management are both on that link, so give it a shot if you can Japanese or don’t mind garbled machine translation. T/Y to the Viz.

So Kamen Joshi have literally sold their sweat for this:

And right after the general hiatus of the Tuesday WTF!

Look at this art and stuff for NECRONOMIDOL’s “DAWNSLAYER”:

Q’ulle released a dance video for “DRY AI”:

This generation of Himekyun Fruit Can will have an album that looks like this:

If you’d like to join a WACK group’s fan club, you can just go ahead and join the WACK fan club:

Did you see the latest from DEVIL NO ID?

I love looking at Screaming Sixties’ performance schedule:

This shirt is amazing:

That Living Dead I Dolls thing from the other day? Here’s the whole set:

Oh, crap, I think we lost Tokyo Rockets:

Have you been tempted to enter Gokigen Teikoku’s MV contest? Here are entries from two good friends:

The Viz!


European friends, you will do this if you’re smart:


Ophelia 20mg has been doing this for a while!

What the heck, Mashil/ro?

You may enjoy the not-so-mini mini-album from Neko Kageki:

BiSH continues to be a big deal:

The full version of that Fullfull Pocket video dropped on Thursday:

Have a super weekend!

9 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #38

  1. Fond memories of the last time I saw Melt Banana: Leaving the venue and overhearing somebody casually say “I think my nose is broken…”

    And Avandoned are a total workaholic two-lady merch machine. They must have a new shirt at least monthly now. I’m pretty certain that Tentenko is an influence on their business strategy. I imagine that Beni studies everything Tenten does and thinks “Yes……yes!”. If you’re going to pick a mentor and utilize their template, go with one of the best!

    Dots 7″ is being pre-sold at lives initially I believe, but it will be sold retail shortly later. I suspect Trash-up!! knows they’ve got something good here…..

  2. I got an idea for the next contest on Homicidols, who should officially start a petition to bring back to ZenKimi Aza or Gomochi?

  3. I think “the group that shall not be named” sole mission is to give Rocketnews something to write about.
    Pathetically angling for that “weird Japan” viral break.

    • Can you blame them?
      “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”
      usually attributed to H.L. Menken, but in reality paraphrased from a longer quote by him, but still very, very true.

  4. Melt Banana were in England for a tour a couple of months ago. It was great, but very odd not having live bass/drums, which I understand they haven’t for years. Btw, the second last track on the Zekkyou x ilyo collab CD sounds very Melt Banana-esque.

  5. I actually attended Girls Award 2014. This was during the dark period when no WACK groups existed, so needless to say BiSH was not there. I got a swag bag with some stale-tasting one-bite brownies in it, and a lot of skin-care tea samples.

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