2017 TIF Megathread

Good morning, everybody! I had a quick chat (logistical) with Terry yesterday because I had just realized that the Tokyo Idol Festival was literally about to happen and it had slipped my mind, and he was actually even more clueless than me. Amazing, especially when you consider the ridiculous lift that went into collecting video from last year.

Anyway, TIF is literally happening when you see this, and has been for hours. It runs through Sunday. It is amazing. This is now a megathread, an I’ll do my darnedest to collect cool video and share it (in the comments). You should do it, too! From there, we’ll be able to have a nice playlist to remember what might be The TIF That Our Idols Took Over.

Don’t believe me? Look at this lineup:

  • Up Up Girls
  • Up Up Girls 2
  • ayumikurikamaki
  • amiinA
  • uijin
  • Elfloat
  • Osaka Shunkashuto
  • KOTO
  • CY8ER
  • The women of THE Natsu Mamono
  • Ladybaby
  • Shuuengo Buppan
  • Sugartrap
  • JyuJyu
  • There There Theres
  • Full Power Girls R
  • sora tob sakana
  • One of the girls from Devil ANTHEM
  • The rest of Devil ANTHEM
  • No,SateLight
  • notall
  • Party Rockets GT
  • petit PASSPO
  • PapiRosier
  • Panda Mic
  • Band ja Naimon!
  • BiSH
  • The vacant spot on stage where BiS would be if Ubu hadn’t gone into the hospital
  • The decaying remnants of Himekyun Fruit Can
  • The members of Dempagumi.inc’s’ various solo projects
  • predia
  • Babyraids JAPAN
  • maneki kecak
  • Malcolm Mask McLaren
  • Musubizm
  • Maison Book Girl
  • Yanakoto Sotto Mute
  • Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen
  • You’ll Melt More!
  • Let’s Poco Poco!
  • Woltanative

Also the machine translation is calling Kobushi Factory “Fist Factory”, and I haven’t been a good enough boy this year for there to be an actual beatdown idol unit, so that’s unfortunate. (EDIT: I’m an idiot)

Here’s the link to the Nico Nico stream. If you’re going, Go Go Going Now! has a handy little primer:

If you’re stuck not being at TIF like I am, help to collect video! Basically, if it appears in the list above (or is loud and/or intense and/or a raging surprise like DEEP GIRL was), and somebody (like you!) caught it on video, please do share!

54 thoughts on “2017 TIF Megathread

    • This is There There Theres @TIF2017Heat Garage Day1 (08-04)

      How do I embed videos? Usually I just can use the code from youtube.

      • I’m trying to figure that out — WordPress takes my links, pasted in static, and turns them into embeds, but that’s not the case for others. I’m gonna try something.

  1. There There Theres
    Live at Heat Garage / TIF 2017
    The 2nd song they performed is a premiere of their new song titled “There’s something behind”. It’s an awesome avant-garde composition featuring a violin as the main instrument and gives a dark feeling of suspense and progresses into a rocking finish as the drums come in towards the end.

  2. The summer jamboree on Day 1 of TIF 2017 was really cool. Featuring Idol Renaissance, OSAKA☆SHUNKASHUTO, Niji no Conquistador, FES☆TIVE & Wa-Suta.
    The last 2 songs are Wa-Suta x OSAKA☆SHUNKASHUTO collabo on “Ultra Miracle-cle Final Ultimate Choco Beam” and “Let you fly”. So if you ever wanted to see MAINA and Ruka-chan sing each other’s songs it’s here.

  3. Uploaded to DM since YouTube likes to delete videos 🙂

    Live At DOLL FACTORY / TIF 2017

    There There Theres
    Live at DOLL FACTORY / TIF 2017

    Live At DOLL FACTORY / TIF 2017

    Jyu Jyu
    Live At DOLL FACTORY / TIF 2017

    Live At DOLL FACTORY / TIF 2017

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