A Very Animated Friday Fun

Hi everyone! Looks like I picked a goodie for last week’s hashtag, a lot of you were having a whale of a time with #IdolsAsFriendsEpisodes!

Similar to last week, this week’s hashtag is related to TV. Only this time, instead of playing around with the naming theme of an existing show, you’ll actually be coming up with your own show ideas! But first, some backstory that isn’t needed at all, but I need to make sure this article is actually more than two sentences long, so roll with it.

We all know how popular idols are in Japan, with idols being a pretty common character archetype in most anime, and shows like Love Live! being pretty huge cash cows.

As such, its not too surprising that a couple of real-life idol groups have become 2D for the sake of money and publicity. The most famous probably being AKB0048 (bet you can’t guess who was involved with this one?)

On the Hello! Project side, Morning Musume subgroup Minimoni had a couple of shows (and a part-animated, part live-action movie) back in the day, fitting for a group whose demographic was 4-year-olds. They weren’t anything particularly special, but they were cute and pretty harmless.

(Technically Kirarin Revolution doesn’t count despite being the anime that pushed at the time Momusu newbie Koharu Kusumi to fame, but it’s worth a mention if only for the episode where her character enters a fake Morning Musume audition and hijinks ensue until actual Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi shows up in disguise to save the day.)

Even our old friends BiS had their own anime called Backstage Idol Story, which was pretty much just poorly animated versions of quintet-era BiS discussing topics such as menstruation for about 10 minutes, but I sure as hell wish there was a subbed version floating around for me to watch! Someone pester Crunchyroll to get in on the alt-idol wota market, please!

4:55. Go to 4:55

There’s also that Babymetal Netflix cartoon that got announced and then promptly forgotten about but of course, I can’t really show anything there.

I think you get the idea. The Fall anime season is coming up, I want you to come up with new concepts for potential anime/IRL idol cash-ins. Plots, titles, episode ideas, if you’re feeling extra creative you could also make character designs but that’s not required. Please use #UpcomingIdolAnime to tweet your ideas, and hope some anime exec reads this or alternatively pester Crunchyroll to post a subbed version of Backstage Idol Story to their site for purely my own benefit

Wasn’t it nice of Necroma to do the hard work for us and make their own anime opening?

So whose anime would be great? Or greatly terrible? Tweet us with #UpcomingIdolAnime and we’ll post them next week!