Your Homicidols Weekender #255

Last week was a bit nuts, what with Tokyo Idol Festival and BURST GIRL’s last live and LiLii Kaona’s anniversary and all. This week was downright placid in comparison. The big news, of course, was the announcement of Himari’s solo project which she is set to debut about four hours before this article is scheduled to publish. I hope it went well!  

But just because this week was less hectic than usual doesn’t mean that nothing happened:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. dropped some metalcore in your dempa.

Meanwhile, MiiS is becoming the unofficial home for wayward Codomomental veterans. Their latest member, Usamaru Tokaku, was formerly known as Nagi Akebono of Zenbu Kimi no Sei da.  She joins Seino Jugem, formerly known as Sentonamidamaru of KAQRIYOTERROR,

The WACK + Yuki Kashiwagi (AKB48) collaboration just went even further off the rails. It appears that WACK will now hold an AKB48-style election with the top 7 members forming a unit with Yuki. 

You’ll Melt More! are livestreaming Kechon and Chiffon’s last appearance at Zepp Diver City exclusively on Nico Nico later today (17:00 Japan time).

Actually, there’s a bunch of good livestreams this weekend, such as a free MELON BATAKE a gogo + The Grateful a MogAAAz gig on YouTube, or this one with Miho and KOSAME hosting Okinawa Electric Girl Saya.

HO6LA give us a new lyric MV for “Tokyo My Way” which is track two off of their debut single, “Pirikarira”.

We don’t mention Kannagi Rabbits nearly enough. Let’s work on that.

ATARASHII GAKKO! found that American pizza is improved by smothering it in honey.

NECRONOMIDOL are looking for new members. Any interested applicants should pull Ricky aside during the European tour and give him your biggest and best version of “psychopomp“. Be sure to really belt out all those falsetto notes!

Here’s some more of Miho live.

Dear BiSH: if you’re going to call it, “Get out of boredomZ”, please pick a more interesting song. We both know you can do better.

And since we’re on the topic: while Ayuni D put one side gig on hiatus then immediately revealed her participation in another, and Aina the End’s solo career continues along in it’s mellow groove unabated, the universe continues to ignore my fervent calls for a Ling Ling solo project. I don’t even care if it’s another tie up with that bird and the chocolate.

Can you believe UNDERBEASTY only got 15 minutes of stage time at TIF? Report that crime.

JyuJyu continues to shower us with excellent PVs.

BABYMETAL may be on hiatus, but KAMIKAZE SENSATION isn’t.

If you missed BRAZIL’s birthday rave, shame on you, but also, the archive is still up (for now).

Oshiloss Corner

Yae is breaking from Broken By The Scream.

I didn’t want to bring it up since the wound is still fresh, but here’s BURST GIRL’s final livestream.

Not idol, but we love HARU NEMURI around these parts. If you are as crushed as we that she had to postpone her US tour (again), here is a small consolation.

Now let’s all feel better with some AMEFURASSHI.

Have a Good Weekend!!