Yurapico and Kanamaru Launch New Unit, 1009-thank you-

Though we’re still in recovery from the recent dissolution of BURST GIRL, Yurapico sprang a surprise announcement on us revealing the next phase of her career. Too soon? Too bad!! Nothing can stop Yurapico! She’s moving forward and teamed up with indie soloist Kanamaru to create the new unit 1009-thank you-.


While their introductory statement didn’t give us any indication of the sound we can expect from the new unit, it is clear that the focus of the group is on love and gratitude, saying, “there is no end to making people happy, so we will definitely go find each person who needs our music.” 

While we all know Yurapico from BURST GIRL and Guso Drop, for those of you who are not familiar with Kanamaru, she is a singer with her own indie label and “mama artist” (she has a four-year-old daughter) who focuses on fulfilling her dreams as a mother and an artist. She released her first single back in August which peaked at 7th on the Oricon daily rankings.

Yurapico and Kanamaru are approaching this project with some big ambitions, telling us, “We will continue to express our gratitude to everyone on the day when we are on  stage at Budokan and beyond that, with songs and dances and performances that only we can do.”

That’s about all the information we have so far, but its enough to know that #yurasmile will be a continuing influence in the world. Tomorrow looks a little brighter. 

Yurapico has a few more words to share.