LiLii Kaona Celebrate Their 4th Anniversary with Dual Video Drop

Happy birthday to LiLii Kaona!! One of the most authentic and imaginative units in idol turned four years old on October1st and celebrated by sharing videos for two of their newest songs with us.  “Fragile” is a transcendent example of organica, LiLiiKao’s signature blend of organic dream pop and electronic shoegaze. Coupled with the innovative visual storytelling, and “Fragile” has easily made my short list for Best MV of 2021.

That is one impressive piece of work. The MV is directed by Hajime Matsura who wrote and directed last year’s feature-length  mockumentary, All About Chiaki Mayumura (Provisional). I will be sharing “Fragile” with my film editing professor next week as I am sure that he will be able to fully appreciate it. 

I that weren’t enough goodness for one day, LiLiiKao also shared a stunningly gorgeous lyric video with us.

The couple harmonize their yearning throughout the verses before the duet devolves into competing choruses that don’t share a melody, much less a language. It is a brilliant composition where the serenity of the ballad is betrayed by the uncertainty and restlessness of the lyrics.

If you’ve seen one of LiLii Kaona’s frequent livestreams, you will know that “Orb” is one the highlights of their highly dramatic shows. KOYUKI and YUKA both come to idol from a theatrical background, which is apparent in their their approach to performances. While many idols work tirelessly to demolish any semblance of a barrier between themselves and their fans,  LiliiKao’s lives more closely resemble a theater or modern dance production where the fourth wall between artist and audience is kept firmly intact. The separation helps to intensify the drama of their heavily stylized and choregraphed productions and sets them apart from their chika idol colleagues.

But don’t take it from me, Ikuo Minewaki, the President and CEO of Tower Records (and world’s biggest Moa Kikuchi fan) and Kazumi Namba, composer and publisher of the JAPAN IDOL FILE mook series, have invited LiLii Kaona to take part in their next showcase featuring the idols and artists they are most interested in. The October 7th show is being livestreamed on Tower Records channel.

I have sung the extensive praises of LiLiiKao before. I find something incredibly restorative about their music; like it’s a  kind of aural comfort food. I highly recommend adding them to your daily playlist. I find that generous doses of LiLii Kaona make the world a measurably more enjoyable place.

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