NECRONOMIDOL Announce Debut of Himari Tsukishiro Solo Project

Himari Tsukishiro and NECRONOMIDOL have announced Himari’s imminent debut as a solo artist.

Himari’s first effort will be a collaboration with dark folk singer King Dude, a Luciferian with an unearthly, saturnine voice that’s reminiscent of Peter Murphy while, musically, working in the same wheelhouse as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (by which we mean he totally slays). 

The vibe of his work should suit Himari’s voice pretty perfectly. 

Himari’s solo work will debut at one of NECROMA’s upcoming Tokyo performances on October 9th. They currently have two lives scheduled for that date: a Noon performance with situasion and tip.Toe; and an evening show with Broken By the Scream. Unfortunately, as of this writing, there are no livestreaming options announced for either performance. If that changes, we will note it on The Calendar.

For those of you lucky enough to catch NECRONOMIDOL on their fast approaching cursebreaker tour of Europe, you will be able to witness Himari’s new solo work live. Tickets and VIP packages are still available for the tour which begins in just over a week.

The provocative imagery accompanying Himari’s debut is the work of rope artist Hajime Kinoko

That popping noise was the sound of all Himari stans’ heads simultaneously exploding.

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