Your Homicidols Weekender #169

Maniac is away on business, which means the team had to do the weekender. It’s a heavy responsibility, but we’ve done our best!  (And a special big thanks to Daemon who really curated most of it.) Really sort of a weird week cause I’m personally in an out-of-sorts place with avandoned‘s upcoming disbandment, and the Younapi news was definitely a hit too. Also no doubt the HAMIDASYSTEM announcement is heavy on many hearts as well. But yes, these things happened and we took it on the chin, and will continue on with what we love cause that’s the uncertainty of life, and idol is a microcosm of what life throws at us. Let’s do this!

And don’t forget that the Friday Fun is a simple one this week, but yet it’s a classic topic we all hold dear and literally any idol fan will have something to offer on it!

So hey, check out some cool stuff…..

KAQRIYOTERROR released their first digital single.

Continuing the theme of digital releases, owaranaide, yoru put out a new song on a wide variety of streaming outlets.

If you love contributing to the aggregation of data (and who doesn’t?), take a moment to CLICK HERE and complete this survey on foreign idol fans.

Speaking of data: the r/BABYMETAL 2020 census results are in and Yui is still polling at 13.7% Best Metal!

Census 2020

It’s Kai’s birthday!! Celebrate by listening to Paper Diamond all weekend.

You should most definitely be excited that a new SAKA-SAMA album will be released near the end of the month!

Wow, Kerrie‘s on a total roll with her fan art, and the idols she draws love her work too!

The incomparable Oyasumi Hologram released a PV with special guest LOVE SPREAD.

SHINGEKI wants you to know that they’re pretty good live too.

For the trifecta, here’s Toricago performing a live band set:

BiSH summed up their feelings on the week by releasing this meaningless video.

While Tower Records Shibuya settled a debate in Team chat: Poppy is Kawaii Metal, confirmed.

For more kawaii metal: watch this BABYMETAL x World Order mash-up before it’s nuked by copyright strike:

Meanwhile, in tradol world:

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Sally Amaki’s arch nemesis is revealed to be… Sally Amaki.

And shout-out to the Monster of Dolls organizers for keeping positive and forward-looking despite Younnapi‘s graduation. Talk about troopers!

Okay, fine, this isn’t remotely “idol”, but holy heck this bandcamp release by macaroom is amazing.  I mean, electro-pop interpretations of John Cage compositions!!! So here in the weekender it goes! Trust me on this…


Enjoy your weekend!!