Younapi Brings a Meltdown!!

Well, today is terrible because Younapi is graduating You’ll Melt More! on March 27th and leaving the idol industry.

Rather than continuing as a duo, You’ll Melt More! have also promoted Nerun and Nani from their trainee unit, Pyuu Pirumo! as full-time members, so, at least the numbers will balance out again, I guess?

While I don’t doubt that Chiffon, Kechon and the two new members can keep marching on, losing your two most popular members in under six months is a pretty huge blow. I also feel pretty bad for the Monster Of Dolls staff, who so far have had to deal with both graduations and a cancellation on top of that.

As SupremeNothing said while we were talking about this, while Younapi is retiring from idol, she isn’t the type to just up and disappear entirely, so we can probably find the comfort of a Sari-esque situation perhaps come from this.

In the meantime, You’ll Melt More! will release one last album before her retirement, with the new members, so that should act as a kind of transitional piece.

But, man.